We live in a society which keeps scores..

Manoj Tandon

Manoj TandonNov 28, 2019 · 2 min read

Sad but true….but let me first explain what I mean with that….

Recall any time you were sitting with your friends, relatives, close family members….also recall what was the main conversation around…..let me help you by giving thought prompters…

Do words/sentences like these ring a bell, his son has done………, her sister is doing very well she is…….., her uncle is a …….., they have gone to ……. for vacation, even at this young age he ………,

I can possible go on and on and the list will not end….

Have we ever wondered what effect this is having on the psyche of our people, kids, young ones, other human beings……!!

And then we crib about, how competitive getting admission into nursery, primary school, professional colleges has become, life has become too stressful (leading to diseases at young ages), people cutting corners behaving in a non-ethical manner to achieve what they want to achieve, youngsters are getting hooked on to drugs, students committing suicide, people working themselves off to buy a bigger car, more houses, trying to go on bigger and more money blowing vacations…..the list goes on and on and on….!!!

Bottom line……my SCORE must become bigger than yours, my son should do MORE……than others, my SISTER should be bigger than others, my family should go on a MORE ostentatious vacation than others, my son’s marriage should be even more flashy than others,

and this one is the most ridiculous one I have ever heard,

my husband got his piles surgery done in England (I don’t trust Indian hospitals…. :-))

…..and blah blah blah….

Do we need such a society? Do we need such people, do we really think we, the great Homo Sapiens, are the most intelligent of beings!!!!

DO WE REALLY WANT TO KEEP A SCORE…!!! ALWAYS….from the time we are born to the day we die…….

And even if we have to can we please keep scores like my son is happier than…….my brother is so satisfied with life that…..my sister is such a good person that she……..

Think about it…

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How Ordinary People follow Secularism

Manoj Tandon

Manoj TandonDec 4, 2019 · 2 min read

I am a big fan of Mohd. Rafi Sahab…specially Rahi Sahab of the 50’s and 60’s. In my scheme of things (and you don’t have to agree with it), there has never been a singer like him and there never will be.

But that is not the reason why I am writing this. I am writing this for another reason….

These days, secularism, religion, religious freedom, my religion, your religion, religious fundamentalism…etc. etc. and etc. have become such common words that we hear them on social media, in the printed media, in the digital media, in the TV and god knows where else. Everyone is an expert, has an opinion and a solution to the problem….

Instead of talking some big things, I just want to give you a beautiful example of real people, simple people practiced secularism. The 3 people I am talking about are Naushad Ali (the famous music composer), Shakeel Badayuni (the famous shayar and lyricist) and Rafi Sahab.

The films were Kohinoor and Baiju Bawara.The songs……the iconic Mann Tadapat Hari Darshan ko Aaaj and Madhuban mein rashika nache re…Both devotional hindu bhajans….considered to be milestones in the Indian devotional songs……

Do you know, who wrote them, who gave music to them and who sang his heart out to make them what they are……..Shakeel, Naushad and Mohd. Rafi…….

Just stop here, assimilate and absorb for 10 seconds what I have just told you…

All 3 were known to be devout Muslims, used to do namaz regularly, were (as we call them today, allah fearing men)but look how beautiful a thought, music and melody they created for a Hindu Bhajan…..

Let me give you one more example.

I have a close friend; he is a Brigadier in the Army. Every Ramzan, he keeps Roza for 30 days. Knowing that he is a practicing Hindu, I asked him why….he said Sir, I lead men who are from different religions. I don’t want anyone to feel that they are different from anyone else, we are a Fauji first and members of a religion later. Imagine, if your leader starts tilting towards someone for a reason which has nothing to do with his job, what will the people in his command think. I not only appear to be fair but I HAVE to be seen to be fair also.

Now, THAT is a real example of how simple people, doing simple things in a simple way implement secularism…

I was floored when I found this out, hope you and everyone you will share this with everyone you know….Namaskaar to Naushad Sahab, Rafi Sahab and Shakeel Sahab…..and Salam to my Hindu Brigadier friend….

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