Population Time Bomb – The forgotten Bomb

Sorry for this bad habit of contemplating things which are very diverse and at some level quite de-focused, but I guess that is what Sunday’s are for.

Sunday night, nice kebabs’, Patiala peg and the mind goes wa wa vooooomm……

During my stint in the IT industry we learnt a term called Root Cause Analysis (not a cousin of Root Canal so don’t worry). Root Cause Analysis is all about identifying a problem, look for what caused it, then looking for what caused what caused it and going on till we reach the bottom (or close to it)….I am sure intuitively all of you would have understood it what I am saying here…

With a peg too many inside me, I started doing the root cause analysis of various problems our country faces…..let me share my analysis with you (so that you don’t get bored, I will skip the intermediate steps and go straight to what looked to me like root causes…

  1. Not enough drinking water, not enough electricity, not enough (or wide enough or square footage of well-made roads) etc. etc. essentially poor physical infrastructure. There are many causes but one cause that seems to stare in the face is that if we assume we have half of today’s population and same infrastructure…..imagine roads with half the traffic, imagine same amount electricity but half the load, imagine, same amount of water treatment plants and pipelines but half the people to drink it,
  2. Imagine same number of Doctors, Medical Colleges, Seats, hospital beds but only half the patients,
  3. Imagine same number of jobs but half the takers
  4. Imagine half the people generating half the stinky smelly and dangerous garbage…!!!!

…….the thoughts could on endlessly.

While one can argue that there are other serious causes (and that argument will also have merit in it) and having the same of everything will not be easy (and that too will have some though lesser merit in it) but one common cause in all of this also always will be that we are way TOO MANY PEOPLE….

US has 3 times India’s area and 1/4th the population, that gives them 12 times advantage off the starting block right away…..

One of the reasons why no one even talks about population bomb is because post Sanjay Gandhi’s infamous Nasbandi campaign during Emergency, Population Control has become a hugely politically incorrect word.

However, someone will have to bell the cat before it is too late

Who will?

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My dear Humans….

This is your God speaking…..

How are you doing today?

Scared, Worried Mentally disturbed….and why not you don’t know when will this Corona go away, when will your normal life return, when will you be able to spend time with your friends, have fun, go to malls, movies and enjoy life as you used to……

Missing it? Well you should.

The same way other species, that I created, have been missing their normal habitats. The same way a Deer, a Tiger and other animals have been missing their normal days since the time your species decided that you are the “most intelligent”, “most capable” species and you have been destined to “rule” the earth.

Fishes, Birds and so many other species have been happily surviving and enjoying living on this earth for more than a billion years (I am quoting your own data J), but you guys (you prefer to call yourself Homo Sapiens) came on this earth just 100,000 years back and look what you have done.

You have denuded the forests, made so many other fellow species extinct (because you enjoyed hunting and eating other species), you have created so much pollution in Air, Water and Land that today even the Ozone layer has got depleted, you have created a drinking water crisis and the list goes on…..

And you did not even stop at destroying others and the environment around you; you have worked hard to destroy each other in name of world domination, religion, colour, money and what all. You fought innumerable wars, killed each other in the name of God (I am still confused about it, on one side you say I am one that why label me differently).

I created Earth in all its beauty and glory, but I made a small error (Yes, God also makes mistakes), while I created an intelligent, potentially capable species but forgot to remove arrogance, selfishness and greed from it. And look what happened.

I was thinking and then I decided to start showing you some glimpses of my powers and tell you what can happen if you don’t learn.

Since you people believe (and rightly so) that everything that happens, happens because of me and also for the good. Let me tell you, Cororna Virus is also my creation.

I decided to show you a…..what do you people call it…..a trailer, a glimpse of my powers. Like a parent who uses bit of a punishment when Children start going haywire. A small grounding, admonishment, a stick sometimes goes a long way in nipping a potential problem in the bud.

That is why I created a small weapon, the Corona Virus. This weapon is so small that the naked eye cannot even see it.

Since you consider yourself intelligent (and I know you are, because I created you), now think, if you are so scared, so disturbed and so helpless against a micro-organism what will happen if I start bringing out my main and real weapons….

And why will I do it (after all you people consider me to be your protector, guardian, caretaker), the answer is simple…..I am not only your guardian but I am also the guardian of all that exists. Every species, every planet, everything is under my guardianship.

I will not allow one of my creations to usurp and destroy my other creations.

How do you guys say it…..after all they also have rights!!!

Trust me, this Corona will go away. You are handling it well. Few more months and things will be back to normal….

But remember, I have just showed you a trailer……

Learn to live better, learn to live with others (humans and other species), learn to stop trying to dominate the world thru your religious beliefs, money, lust for power and one upmanship, above all learn to control your greed, selfishness and arrogance. In 100,000 years of your existence you have created more havoc, disturbance than millions and millions of years of other species.

You must know, that I will not allow one of my creations to become subjugated to one species at the cost of others. If you won’t learn I will bring out and unleash my real weapons.

If I have created you, I can destroy you also.

Taking cue from your own language….This is for your Information and necessary action please (FYIA).

This is your God speaking…..over and out….

For the time being…..

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The World would have looked very very different…..you don’t believe me !!….read on..

I am sure most of you have heard the saying; a butterfly fluttering her wings in India can cause a hurricane in Canada….

It may not be literally true but it conveys a very deep meaning ….

Meaning that one small insignificant incidence in one place could cause major things to happen somewhere else…

It coveys that coincidence can sometimes change history…

Is it true….well….let’s check it out…join me in the journey of this discovery of coincidence which changed the world.

It was the summer of 1914. Balance of power in Europe was shaky at its best.

Archduke Ferdinand, crown prince, of Austria, was also the Inspector General of Austrio Hungarian Army. The army had decided to hold its military exercises in Sarajevo, the Bosnian capital. Archduke was invited. Serbian nationalists saw this as an insult to them – they wanted to strike back.

In the morning of June 28th Archduke and his wife travelled in an open car. Their motorcade was to take them thru the Serbian area but few proper safety precautions were taken. The security was so poor that their route was also made public to the people.

This was a great opportunity for the seven Bosnian Serbs with Ultra-nationalist called Black Hand to try and assassinate the Duke….they placed themselves along the way…they had strapped explosives to their bodies, carried loaded revolvers and were all equipped with cyanide so they could commit suicide rather than be caught.

As the motorcade rolled along the Appel Quay, a major street running through the centre of Sarajevo, a Bosnian Serb named Nedeljko Čabrinović threw a bomb toward the archduke’s car. The driver was alert and sharp, he quickly managed to accelerate out of the way, and the bomb hit the vehicle behind, injuring several people.

Instead of cancelling the program, Ferdinand decided to act brave and continued his day schedule. They reached the city hall, met people, Ferdinand gave his speech. After Franz Ferdinand made his speech and tended to some official business, he wanted to visit the injured adjutant in the hospital before leaving town.

For security reasons, it was decided that the motorcade should proceed out of the city via the Appel Quay, rather than take its planned route along Franz Joseph Street and into the narrow streets of Sarajevo’s bazaar district.

As chance could have it, the drivers of the cars were Czech and they were being given direction in German. Neither did they understand the instructions nor did anyone bothered to translate them.

As a result, the first car turned onto Franz Joseph Street, followed by the second car, carrying Franz Ferdinand. Amazingly, this wrong turn took them right to where Gavrilo Princip (another of the original party of seven) had stationed himself along the originally published route for the motorcade.

Ferdinand’s security, realising that the Drivers have taken a wrong turn, yelled at the driver that he had taken a wrong turn. The driver, shocked by the yelling, braked the car to a stop……right in front of Princip.

Princip, also confused and shocked by the ease of the opportunity, recovered quickly and fired…… two shots. The shots were perfect; Ferdinand was hit at a point-blank range above the heart, killing Ferdinand on the spot.

This assassination would provide the necessary spark and a nudge to an already fragile balance of power in Europe.

A month after Ferdinand’s death, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia.

By 1914, the great powers of Europe were divided into two coalitions: the Triple Entente, consisting of FranceRussia, and Britain; and the Triple Alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy.  Russia felt it necessary to back Serbia and approved partial mobilisation after Austria-Hungary shelled the Serbian capital of Belgrade on 28 July. Full Russian mobilisation was announced on the evening of 30 July; the following day, Austria-Hungary and Germany did the same, while Germany demanded Russia demobilise within twelve hours. When Russia failed to comply, Germany declared war on Russia on 1 August in support of Austria-Hungary, the latter following suit on 6 August; France ordered full mobilisation in support of Russia on 2 August.

And the First World War was on….

It would take only a single crisis—the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, by a young Bosnian Serb nationalist in Sarajevo—to push the continent’s six major powers into World War I, which devastated the continent and killed some 17 million soldiers and civilians.

Read on….the story continues to become even more interesting….

As we all know that Germany lost the war eventually and that lead to the treaty of Versailles.  A treaty in which Germany was humiliated, stripped of its economic abilities, its military was largely disbanded, it was forced to sign the Article 231, later became known as the War Guilt clause. The treaty required Germany to disarm, make ample territorial concessions, and pay reparations to certain countries that had formed the Entente powers. In 1921 the total cost of these reparations was assessed at 132 billion gold marks, roughly equivalent to US$442 billion in 2020).

The German economy went almost bankrupt, the unemployment rate shot thru the roof, German Mark became almost a useless currency. In other words, the life of a German citizen became hell…

Result: Germans became more and more upset due to the series of humiliations being piled on them.

The country was ripe and desperate for a saviour….in walks Hitler….

People loved him; he made all the right promises in the right way….it felt that Germany will once again get what it deserves.

Soon, he was the Dictator of Germany…started what eventually became World War II.

When WW II ended, Europe got divided between Capitalists (led by the US) and Communist (led by USSR).

Cold war happened, leading to ever more dangerous weapons including Nuclear weapons being created,  eventually leading to the collapse of USSR, causing the US to become the only Superpower. This allowed the US to start wars in the Arab region, leading to creating of Terror Organizations (that was the only way radical Islamists could retaliate), World Trade Centre and other acts of terror causing deaths of thousands of innocents all over the world including India.

USSR’s demise led to the rise of China and rest….as we say is history….

Now, let me do what is called a rapid flashback (used in movies quite often)….

If Ferdinand had not travelled in an unsecured car

…and the driver could speak German

…and he had not taken the wrong turn

…and the would-be assassin had not been exactly there at the exact same spot

…and he had missed the aim

…and Ferdinand had not been killed

…and the WW 1 had not started, and Germany was not humiliated thru treaty of Versailles

…and Hitler had not come to power

…and the WW2 had not happened

…and the world had not gotten divided into Capitalists and Communists

…and the cold war and making of dangerous weapons had not happened

…and the US had not become the only global superpower

…and the US had not tried to play dirty in the Arab world

…and Terror groups had not risen

…and terrorism had not engulfed the world

…and China had not become a rival to the US

….and, and and even more and…


I am sure I can’t give you a good answer to my own question, but I can tell you one thing for sure……

The world would have been very different from what it is now….geopolitical, economical and otherwise….

This is what I meant when I talked about the butterfly effect at the beginning of this article…

As they say, a butterfly fluttering her wings in India can cause a hurricane in Canada….

Meanwhile, please do like, comment, share and subscribe to my blog…

Signing off till next time…..Salute’

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Everyone in this world is intelligent

Hi everyone, I have been on a sabbatical from writing for some time now. Hope you missed me or maybe you didn’t…..but I did miss my readers…So, here I go again…

Recently, I read a beautiful story. I am sure it’s an old story but for me it was new…

First the story…

A father said to his son: You graduated with honours, here is a car that I acquired many years ago … it is several years old. But before I give it to you, take it to the used car lot downtown and tell them I want to sell it and see how much they offer you.

The son went to the used car lot, returned to his father and said, “They offered me $ 1,000 because it looks very worn out.”

The father said, “Take him to the pawnshop.”

The son went to the pawnshop, returned to his father and said, “The pawnshop offered $ 100 because it was a very old car.”

The father asked his son to go to a car club and show them the car.

The son took the car to the club, returned and told his father: “Some people in the club offered $ 100,000 for it, since it is an iconic car and sought after by many.

The father said to his son, “I wanted you to know that the right place values ​​you the right way.” … If you are not valued, do not be angry, it means that you are in the wrong place. Those who know your value are those who appreciate you, and never stay in a place where no one sees your value

While this is a beautiful story from an emotional and motivational point of view, this is also true from a scientific point of view.

Many studies have shown and have also challenged the general definition of Intelligence.

For a long time, people used to think of IQ as the measure of a person’s intelligence.

Then later came EQ, which tried to establish a person’s ability to be well adjusted and successful in life by recognizing their own emotions and those of others, differentiate between different feelings, put them in appropriate slots in the mind, and then use this emotional information to guide thinking, behaviour and manage emotions to adjust to the outside environment to achieve one’s goals.

Well, confused? Don’t worry, most of us are….converting many of us into money-making fodder for training/coaching institutes….which supposedly measure and then “improve” our IQ and EQ.

After a lot of researches and studies, the scientists have finally arrived at a big AAha moment…

It has now been understood and widely acknowledged that EVERYONE is intelligent….sounds crazy…right. But hang on.

The findings can be summarised in one line as something like this:

“Everyone in this world is intelligent; it is a question of in which area”.

Let me elaborate by first giving some examples and then further expand on the above statement. Nothing esoteric because then the point will be lost:

  1. We think that scientists and academics are very “brainy”, make them a bank teller and see what happens.
  2. Put a NASA Engineer to do Telemarketing and let’s watch how many sales the Engineer closes
  3. Ask a Doctor to sing…..see for yourself….

I can go on but I am sure you are beginning to get the drift.

For some reason, we all tend to believe that everything is that is out of our reach is automatically intelligent…the problem is with our perception of intelligence is skewed.

While there are many definitions of intelligence but broadly they are divided into the following 9 abilities that make us intelligent beings.

They are:

  1. Musical-rhythmic
  2. Visual-spatial
  3. Verbal-linguistic
  4. Logical-mathematical
  5. Bodily-kinaesthetic
  6. Interpersonal
  7. intrapersonal
  8. Naturalistic
  9. Existential.

Now, it has been seen that unless a person has some disease everyone is good in one or more of the above to varying degrees.

Therefore, when you see, meet or talk about someone and call him dumb…..maybe you are just being dumb yourself…

Err…what I mean is that you are NOT dumb but are BEING DUMB….:-). Hope you have understood.

But in a more serious vein, there is an important lesson for all of us:

  • for the ever anxious parents: If your Kid does not score the highest marks or is not in the top 5 % of the class, it does not mean that he is unintelligent, maybe his intelligence lies elsewhere. Look for that and let him excel in that line
  • For the employees: If some of your employees are not performing to their “potential”, don’t label them as bad. Look for the areas in which they are good and “re-assign” them after proper training
  • Appreciate a good maid, a good janitor…realise that it is not easy for everyone to be a good maid and/or janitor.
  • Realise that every work is important and anyone who can do his/her work well needs to be valued as such.
  • Don’t label some “careers” as better than others…while it may be tough to run a business, it may be even tougher to be a housewife.

I could go on….but I am sure you are getting the drift…

Intelligence is not a reflection of the ability to earn money; it has nothing to do with being popular or well-known. Intelligence and capability are far bigger than all this.

I am sure, if the richest man in the world is asked to cook a meal for a dinner party he/she will be a disaster…..

You know why because his intelligence is limited to the ability to make money not to cook…

Now, what is the bottom line of this article…

  • Respect and Value people’s intelligence for the areas it is in, don’t force-fit them into only a few moulds. Based on our own biases…
  • And if you are the person, evaluate where you are good at and make a life in that area….again don’t force-fit yourself because the “society” wants it that way.

Cheers to this world full of intelligent beings….

If you find the above interesting, please do like, share and subscribe to my blog…

Coming back with another one soon….and looking forward to it.

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Corona — Are we progressively barreling down towards HAD (Human Assured Destruction)

Many years ago, while doing me research on Warfare, I had read an article which was about where and when will the next plague come from.

The main theme of the article was that while we all worry about Nuclear wars etc. but, for some reason, we don’t look at the real danger to the human race which is a very potent virus. It said that this virus will be so potent that it will kill people within hours. By the time the researchers all over the world are able to find out an antidote to it, the virus would have killed half the world’s population.

It also said that this virus, most likely, will come from the Asian region because this region is the best crucible for the growth of any virus. It is hot, humid and dirty. An absolutely perfect environment for a virulent strain to develop.

At that time, it sounded like fantasy or maybe science fiction to me.

Cut to present time, in the last 2 decades we have had many viruses hitting the mankind, we have had SAARS, Dengue, Swine flu and now Corona or Covid-19.

Let’s now have a look at some patterns about some of them:

· They all started from Asia

· They have spread across the world.

· They all have been progressively more virulent etc.

Now, go back to what I mentioned about the theme of the article that I had read. A bit creepy isn’t it. Everything that the article said appears to be coming out to be true except that the virus being so virulent that it kills people in hours.

However, do you also see a pattern, the viruses are becoming increasingly more dangerous and harder to control and manage. In fact it has been 3 months but no vaccine is in sight for Covid 19.

While there have been unsubstantiated rumours that this virus is nothing but a attempted biological weapon gone rogue or somehow. There is no evidence of it. It could be just a rumour. But either way it points towards the same thing.

Think about it; do post your thoughts……specifically is there a solution, is there a way to reverse this process? I will look forward to it.

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The Third World War has begun — Naicha Dominates! Rest of the Hearth struggling…

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and any resemblance with any reality is purely coincidental. Any resemblance to any person, country, or incident is purely a matter of chance. The writer is not responsible for it.

Bored Stiff, you should be, I am for sure. Sitting at home, twiddling our thumbs. After all for how long can we watch TV, work our laptops, sleep, wake up, and eat. Beyond a point, life is beginning to become a blur.

To pass your time, let me tell you a story (as stories go, this is a flight of imagination), it will help you pass your time and also give you some food for thought…..So, wear your wing of imagination….here goes….

· Year: 2518

· Location: A planet located in a galaxy near the Andromeda galaxy.

· Planet Characteristics: Mostly water, rest fertile land, inhabited by millions of species. Dominated by one species called Sapiens. They have an organ called the brain. Brain depending upon how it is used can do a lot of good or come up with most devious of schemes.

Niacha, is looking for any means to dominate the planet. It comes up with an amazing plan and strategy. It starts what can be called the Third World War. Third, because Sapiens have already fought 2 of them earlier.

The Third War, which started around December of 2517, seems to have started the same way the 2nd world war did. Like the country (Hermany) run by the evil dictator in World War 2, Naicha is making tremendous headways in the world. It has brought the entire world to its knees.

It’s recently developed; state of the art weapon called Novid 16 has effectively paralysed the world.

In particular, its arch enemies the allies (Dunite and Western part of Europa) is struggling to keep pace with the fighting. As per the latest information received the numbers of injured (sick) have crossed a million mark and killed in action (dead) more than 100,000.

By any standards of warfare, this is tremendous success within 5 months of the start of a war.

In fact, not even in the 2nd world war (the biggest war Sapines ever fought) these numbers of causalities had not happened in first 5–6 months of the war.

This weapon was first tested by Naicha in its city of Broohan. While most of the weapons of war do not succeed in their initial tests and require lots of improvements before they become battle-worthy, in this case, the weapon showed tremendous results in Broohan.

The test was conducted with such expertise that no other town in Naicha were impacted.

Truly with these tests, Naicheese Department of Warfare has shown that they have arrived.

Once these tests were successful, Naicheese war machine swung into action. Quietly Novid 16 was shipped to countries all over the world, primarily Western Europa and Dunited via people to people contact via tourists (you could call them human carrier pigeons)-brilliant use of a very old method of warfare except pigeon being replaced by Humans.

The beauty or deviousness of this weapon is that it starts very slowly and surreptitiously, makes it base in 1 then 2, 4, 8 and so on till one day the enemy realises that huge part of its population has been impacted.

Naicha, in spreading this weapon globally, also understood the dynamics of politics and politicians in Democratic countries.

They knew that before any drastic action is taken by any country; a lot of time will be wasted in debates, discussion, points, and counterpoints.

Wasted time, the most important parameter, to ensure maximum damage to the opponent.

Wasted that will enable Novid 16 to spread uncontrolled.

And what a brilliant strategy……within 5 months the whole world is reeling under the onslaught of a weapon of mass destruction. No one has any answer except social distancing and lockdown.

Some people still believe that the kill ratio of this virus is not higher than common flu hence why panic, sooner or later it will go away….

How naïve they are….

Finally, when most of the nations of planet Hearth woke up and realised the extent of damage the virus can cause, it was too late to stop its spread naturally. So, they came up with another plan. Plan which they thought is a very smart move but in reality, they were walking into a trap.

This was anticipated by the leaders of Naicha and they wanted it to happen. The people of Hearth were unleashing a weapon upon themselves….

Shutting down of their economy…

How do you ensure social distancing, don’t allow people to come out. And how does one do that? Shut down offices, factories and all other such areas. What do these areas do under normal circumstances, they keep the economy of a country going, they contribute to the GDP, they produce goods, they employ people, they pay salaries, and they make a country grow.

So what happens when you shut them down…….?? !! You are encouraging yourself to commit suicide….

And now, came the third and most hidden weapon of this war…..

Hearth was reeling under the virus and economic shutdown. Sapiens were suffering. They needed the basics for survival. Basics like Food and Medicine.

Naicha’s brain trust had already foreseen this. They were beautifully positioned to provide this to the citizens of Hearth.

In fact, they were one of the largest exporters of bulk drugs and drug intermediaries in the world. Countries above them were too busy fighting with the virus and managing the adversity of the economic impact. In fact, Naicha’s arch natural enemy Ndia imports close to 2/3rd of its drug intermediaries from Naicha, according to some estimates, even the pharma manufacturing units are operating at less than half their capacity due to large scale exodus of their labour.

In case all the above is confusing you a bit, let me summarise it for you:

· Naicha develops a virus which damages but does not kill (because if it kills all the impacted, there will be fear of retaliation from the majorly impacted countries).

· Tests it on its population, find it to meet the objectives

· Releases it on to the world specially countries which are its biggest foes via unsuspecting tourists etc.

· As expected the countries react by shutting down their economic engine to prevent human to human contact

· They now need more product and services to keep things going

· Naicha is the largest producers of medicine intermediaries, masks, food items.

· The same enemy countries come on its door asking for items required for their survival.

· Naicha establishes itself as the Supreme Power of the World.

The third world war is over….done and dusted…in less than a year….the world has changed, the power structures have changed….the leader to the free world has been toppled…..forever…

Some leaders of the Sapiens did not believe in it. They questioned this premise.

A meeting of all-powerful nations of the world is called. The topic being…Are there any options left for the western world? For the Free world? Is there a counter-strategy?

They come up with a counter-strategy….

· Once again, use the lesson from the 2nd World War — Retreat, Consolidate, re-strategize, prepare, then counterattack (remember D Day invasion) and then take the war back into the enemy territory. Let’s translate this to the current situation…

· Do whatever you have to do to last out this crisis. Beg, borrow and steal. Do lockdown, research on vaccines, control the pandemic

· When the country starts to come back on its feet to revive your economy, take the following drastic steps (all is fair in love and war):

o Make a law in your own country that no business registered in your country can have any manufacturing plant or facility in Naicha

o In source everything.

o Move all supply chains back into your own country

o The above will ensure the following:

§ Unemployment will go down; people will have jobs, income. This will also fuel demand (the oxygen of any economy).

§ Naicha’s economy, largely dependent on exports will suffer badly. Their internal demand is not enough to sustain the size of their economy.

§ In other words, ostracise Naicha economically (after all today’s wars are fought more economically than by conventional means).

· Does this mean the end of globalization? Not really.

· Earlier there used to be blocks of countries which had similar ideologies, aligned political interests and they used to work together to achieve the common objectives. Do cross border globalization within those symmetrical political blocks. At least, hopefully, no one will play games. They gave these trade blocks a name…. “Common Globalised Block (CGB)”.

Gradually, Hearth is limping back to normal. The Hearth Order has been restored. Free World has won. Naicha has been left licking their wounds.

Hope you liked this story….hope you were able to pass sometime…..even if I could keep you entertained for 5–7 minutes, I am happy.

If you like this, please hit the fan/like button, give comments and please please share as much as you can….

Till then, Ta Ta….

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental

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Third World War — The Next Phase!

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and any resemblance with any reality is purely coincidental. Any resemblance to any person, country, or incident is purely a matter of chance. The writer is not responsible for it.


We talked about the Third World War and how Naicha is dominating while the rest of the Hearth is struggling. Towards the end, I had talked about how the rest of the hearth could possibly respond to it. Let me recapitulate some of the key lines from my previous article wherein I have talked about the possible response. Here it is…in a short summary

· Use the lessons from the 2nd World War — Retreat, Consolidate, re-strategize, prepare, then counterattack, remember D Day invasion?

· Do whatever you have to do to last out this crisis. Beg, borrow and steal! Do lockdown, research on vaccines, control the pandemic!

· When the country starts to come back on its feet, to revive your economy, take the following drastic steps (all is fair in love and war): Make a law in your own country that no business registered in your country can have any manufacturing plant or facility in Naicha.In source everything, Move all supply chains back into your country.

· The above will ensure the following: Unemployment will go down; people will have jobs, income. This will also fuel demand (the oxygen of any economy), Naicha’s economy, largely dependent on exports will suffer badly. Their internal demand is not enough to sustain the size of their economy. In other words, ostracise Naicha economically (after all today’s wars are fought more economically than by conventional means).

· Does this mean the end of globalization? Not really. Earlier there used to be blocks of countries which had similar ideologies, aligned political interests and they used to work together to achieve the common objectives. Do cross border globalization within those symmetrical political blocks. At least, hopefully, no one will play games. They gave these trade blocks a name…. “Common Globalised Block (CGB)”.

If you haven’t read the article and would like to read it, please go to the following link….

Link – https://medium.com/@manojtandon/the-third-world-war-has-begun-naicha-dominates-rest-of-the-hearth-struggling-38c4aeeac319


Cut to the present! Have you seen some of the headlines lately? Don’t worry if you have missed them. Here are some of them:

1. ‘We cannot let Naicha destroy us,’ PainS, Itally and Hermany are changing FDI laws fearing hostile takeover by Naicha https://tfipost.com/2020/04/we-cannot-let-Naicha-destroy-us-PainS-Itally-and-Hermany-are-changing-fdi-laws-fearing-hostile-takeover-by-Naicha/

2. South Reanko Companies Want To Move Units From Naicha To Ndia; yundai Steel, osco In Talks With Ndian Government https://newsinsider.in/south-korean-companies-want-to-move-units-from-Naicha-to-Ndia-hyundai-steel-posco-in-talks-with-Ndian-government/

3. All Naichese Nationals should leave the country with immediate effect — Kenyan government

The action has begun….

We all know about Disjointed States stopping its aid to H.O.W. because its head suspected connection with Naicha. We also know about Disjointed State’s serious attempt to make Disjointed States-Naicha trade more balanced, now read the headlines above.

Some of the world’s largest economies, Hermany, Itally, PainS and now Asia’s Industrial Giant South Reanko have decided to reduce their dependence on Naicha. They are also enacting laws to prevent Naicha and its companies to take over or buy into their domestic companies.

Who knows which other country is not already planning to do the same. It would not be unexpected if some other Disjointed States block countries are already working on the blueprint to not only reduce its trade with Naicha but also not allow Naichese companies to enter their country and, thus influence their economy, get access to their data and some other things which can be disruptive in the long run.

My dear readers, for some countries, the retreat, consolidation, re-strategize phase (detailed in my first article) is over, the preparations for counter-attack has started. Maybe some others are in the consolidation and re-strategizing phase.

In this kind of war, the counter-attack means, push out Naichese goods by reducing the trade and don’t allow them to buy equity or let them invest in your own country. Because if you allow them to do that, in the long run, they can influence your policy to their benefit.

Trade, however, is only one aspect to win this war.

The other one is data and information.

Let me share some of the key points of a published report which I happened to come across recently. The report talks about Naichese investment in Ndia.

Note to the people of other countries:

Please read this as a case study. It could be or maybe it is happening in your country in other form and shape but with the same end objective in mind…

According to that report:

· Naicha came up with Belt and Road initiative. It is often criticised as an effort by Naicha to increase its footprint and global influence by creating its physical presence in many countries in Ashia, Europa and Afric.

· Ndia, EU and DISJOINTED STATES have not agreed to sign-up for the initiative for the above reason. However, many countries in the world have signed up for it.

· Ndia and Naicha have not always shared great relations (I guess I don’t need to elaborate on this).

· Here is what Naicha has done. While Ndia has been busy protecting its physical borders, Naicha has made its presence deep inside Ndia.

· How? By investing heavily in the Ndian start-up ecosystem. It has created a significant place for itself in Ndia in the technology domain. Today 18 out of 30 Ndian Unicorns (start-ups which have become very big) are now Naichese funded. Who are those Unicorns? Easy, just go on Google, it will take you not more than 30 minutes to know. They are every big name that you hear about these days as mega-success stories of the start-up ecosystem.

· And yes, Naichese companies don’t invest directly in Ndia; they have invested thru their affiliates in Ingapore, Kong Hong, Nauritius etc.

· The story does not end there; Naicha also controls Ndia’s mobile phone space. Today more than 70 % of the Ndian mobile phone market is captured by Naichese companies.

· What does this do? Well, plenty! Let’s think together:

o Given that tech in penetrating deeply in Ndia (earlier Urban now Rural also), it is giving Naicha access to most of the Ndian Citizens directly.

o It means that Naicha is now deeply embedded in Ndian society and economy and has thus created an ability to influence Ndia and its thinking indirectly.

o Loss of control over Data. Imagine if this influence is over a taxi service, payment provider, hotel aggregator, online retail outlet, you are permitting someone (who may or may not be your friendly country) to create a complete profile of your citizens. During WW II, many countries had used very personal information (I am sure you know what I am talking about) to blackmail and subjugate enemy senior politicians, officers and military commanders. Imagine with the amount of personal information available to another country what can be done now? It is not the first time or the last time this would have been done in wars.\

o Use of this access for propaganda purposes. There is a particular app (I won’t name it for obvious reasons), where you will never see anything sensitive to the Naichese Govt. Imagine a foreign govt. controls what your citizens see or not see. How much influence is getting transferred outside the country?

o While Ndia refused to sign up for the Belt and Road Initiative but it has unwittingly signed up for the virtual corridor inside itself.

o Today Ndian economy is more tied up with Naicha than ever before. Let me give you some quick data points for your understanding. Apps: 50 % of top downloaded apps in Ndia are with Naichese investments; today Google Chrome’s closest competitor has 1/3rd of Ndia’s market share.

o Two top Ndian streaming services companies are funded by Naichese companies.

o When we download any app, it asks for some permission which most of us blindly say yes to. Most of us don’t know that Naichese apps ask for much more data than any other apps in the world.

While I was writing this article, the following news came up:

Link – https://www.news18.com/news/business/with-Naicha-in-mind-centre-tweaks-fdi-policy-to-discourage-opportunistic-investments-in-Ndian-firms-amid-covid-19-pandemic-2583065.html

So far I have talked about the beginning of retaliation.

But do remember this is a war and in a war, there is the opposite side also, which tries to pre-empt your move or assess your next move and retaliates.

I am sure Naicha, which clearly wants to establish itself as the most powerful and influential country in the world will not sit and take all the retaliation lying down and the vitiating of atmosphere lying down.

Let’s look at what options does it have:

· Sit tight, wait and hope that it will all blow over once the pandemic comes under control. This is not a good alternative for a country whose ambition is to be the most powerful country in the world. You don’t become “most” powerful by leaving things to a matter of chance.

· Cut down drastically on its imports from retaliating countries. Today Naicha’s imports are almost 20 % of its GDP. Clearly, Naicha is a big market for any country. If those markets get shut down to the retaliating country, there will be significant damage to their economy as well. The issue here is, of course, that can Naicha manage without the imports? Why is that an issue? Because a significant part of these imports is used for enabling the production of exportable goods.

· So far, Naicha has invested in these countries on its own of general terms. One option it has is now to get down on the negotiating table and offer more sweetened terms (whatever they mean on a case to case basis). Though, in my opinion, this situation has gone beyond pure economics, it has turned into a political and dominance game.

I could think of these three possible alternatives, readers please enrich the discussion by commenting below on what other alternatives Naicha could have?

In my opinion, Naicha will take different options for different countries. Tough for those where it can be, mild for those where the negotiating power is against them and very sweet with those where it needs them the most.

Irrespective of which alternative Naicha chooses to take, there are only a few countries whose actions will decide what the world will look like post Third World War.

Besides Naicha itself, the DISJOINTED STATES,Papan and the major countries of Western Europa. Because only they have the muscle and size of economies of the size to be the major players in this World War.

Do you see a parallel, in World War 1 and World War 2; it was Hermany and its allies vs. Rest of the World. In World War 3, it is Naicha and its allies vs. Rest of the World. It’s always one country which decides that time has come for it to be the superpower of the world. For Naicha, the time is now!

However, unlike traditional warfare, economic warfare does not end with the destruction of one side. It ends with new boundaries of influence getting drawn, which in the long term impacts the people and political points of view, lifestyle and so on.

The Future:

My sense is while post this War is over, Naichese expansion will be effectively blocked for quite some time to come.

This will happen because countries the world over will now know the extent of ingress Naicha has done in their respective countries thru direct or indirect investments, thru initiatives like Belt and Road, thru technology and thru creating influencers within countries.

Here is how the future will look like:

· The uncontrolled globalization will also take a hit.

· The earlier economic theories of competitive advantage will no longer be as popular because countries will realise that competitive advantage comes with a massive political disadvantage.

· Naicha would have consolidated its position as a Global Superpower.

· Disjointed States would lose its hegemony, however, to ensure that it remains meaningful, the next President of the Disjointed States will/should work harder to carry Western Europa, Ndia and other countries as its allies in the true sense to create the counterweight against the new superpower and its allies.

As they say, history tends to repeat itself. In this case, history seems to be heading towards repeating itself much earlier than it has happened previously.

Do you remember the Cold War, the Iron Curtain, The Warsaw Pact countries, The NATO? After USSR’s downfall, they were generally heading towards getting relegated to the history books.

Well get ready, they are back!

At the end of the Third World War, the Second Cold War will start.

In reality, it had started earlier but now it will be in the face!

And the Homo Sapiens,

Considered to be the most developed and evolved of all the species,

will continue to fight for the dominance of this beautiful planet earth

not knowing that in their attempt to dominate this little blue dot in the vastness of the universe,

all they are doing is destroying the only possible habitat they have for themselves

Think about it…

Hope you liked this story. Hope you were able to pass some time. Even if I could keep you entertained for 5–7 minutes, I am happy.

If you like these, please hit the clap/fan/like button, give comments and please please share as much as you can.

Till then, Ta Ta…

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental

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What if Human Beings suddenly disappeared from the face of this earth?

Think COVID 19, think Corona Virus

Don’t worry I am not at all suggesting that if COVID 19 kills every human being on this earth what will happen.

I am going to talk about some thought experiments and how they are being validated these days.

Let me give you a bit of background first.

While surfing YouTube (yes, I do that), I came across something called “Thought Experiments”. In simple language, it means that you imagine something happening and then using your understanding of Science try to imagine what will happen. Well, it’s not exactly science (theoretical or experimental) but it’s not exactly science fiction either. It kind of sits in-between.

The thought experiments were as follows “What if Human Beings suddenly disappeared from this earth? Suddenly, as in, at the snap of a finger.

It’s a very interesting premise and a very intriguing one.

According to these experiments, the following will happen all over the world:

· In a few hours power will go off

· In a few months and years, grass and other forest elements will start appearing in the cities. Buildings and every other thing that we have built with cement concrete will start to collapse

· Animals will start taking over what were our cities

· Sea will start teeming with fishes, whales and other sea creatures which humans had forced into disappearance

· In a few decades, cities would have completely disappeared, forests would have appeared everywhere, animals and other endangered species would have made a comeback

· Levels of CO2 would have reduced back to the normal, ozone layer would have replenished itself

· Air and Water pollution would have disappeared.

· Rivers would again start carrying nutrients; Air would be clean and invigorating.

· In not more than 1000 years or so no evidence will be left that there ever was a species called “Humans” ever existed.

· The EARTH and MOTHER NATURE would have HEALED itself completely.

Phew, scary or exhilarating…..it will depend on your perspective.

I leave you with your feelings…

Now, since, I had mentioned above this has nothing to do with Corona Virus, why I am telling you this.

Simple, picture this…due to this virus most of the world is under lockdown. In other words, most of the humans have been instructed to stay inside their homes to the extent possible. It is expected to contain the spread of the Virus.

What has it done, it has made the “Humans suddenly disappear from this world” of course, not literally, they have been contained in their homes and more importantly not going out and doing the activities they would normally do.

Streets are empty, offices are closed, shops are closed, restaurants and hotels are closed, no tourism, no flights, no nothing.

What is the result? Let me share some things from where I live, I am sure if you try to find out you will find similar patterns in your location also:

1. Pollution levels are down from the “usual” of 300+ AQI, to the new “usual” of 50 to 75 AQI.

2. Weather, which used to hot, humid and dirty, is now mild summer, dry and clean air.

3. By this time the flowers in the garden used to dry out, this year, they are still just about beginning to dry out

4. Our major rivers which had become heavily polluted have suddenly, in just 1 month, are beginning to have clear shining water (not fully clean yet but moving in the right direction).

5. We never used to hear Birds chirping on trees, now they are chirping and making lovely sounds throughout the day…

The world is beginning to heal itself.

It is once again (leaving aside the Corona scare) beginning to get back to where it was before Humans first appeared on the earth and specifically before the industrial era.

And this has happened in just one month of Humans “disappearing”.

Some of the things may have happened even faster than what was predicted in the thought experiments.

Why I am sharing this with you?

Simple, we still have time.

No one is stronger than Mother Nature.

When a mother sees that its Children are not going in the right direction, it shows them the consequences of their actions and cautions them.

Mother Earth or Nature as some would like to call it, have shown its Children (Humans) a small teaser, behave and you still have time. You will get all the riches of life back to you.

Become selfish as an individual, as a nation, as a block of nation and see what will happen to you.

Have you noticed, despite all the efforts of our best doctors, scientists and so on, we are struggling to control this virus.

Imagine if this virus was more virulent, could kill people in days, had a mortality rate of 50 % plus what will happen.

Some people talk about saving the earth, let’s be clear, nothing will happen to Earth.

Earth will continue to what it is. As these thought experiments and COVID 19 pandemic has shown, Earth will become even more beautiful and serene.

This beautiful blue planet, Human’s only known and possible habitat will get back its forests, greenery, clean air, the ozone layer, clear nice fresh water…..with only one difference…

There will be no Humans, only all other species…

Do you want that to happen?


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So that

We can send a message to the powers that be in each of our respective countries to put some brakes on the uncontrolled ambitions of Humans.

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