How to vote in elections?

Hi..! I am back,

Again, let me clarify that I have no affiliations with any political party…..:-)

As the time of any elections come near, every time the word “Cheers” is heard (now I don’t have to explain why)…..a big sip and/or a gulp happens which is then followed by one standard question…”So, who are you voting for?, Aur beta kis ke liye vote kar rahe ho iss bar? Or any of many variations of the same question…

I thought I will share my thoughts on this subject… always you may find them a bit off the track but anyway, social media gives me the tool to be off track!!!

Here is my recommendation for you, carefully look at all the candidates in your constituency


Vote for the best person (does not matter which political party it belongs to)…

By best I am talking about a person who is most honest, most sincere, most committed a person with a good heart and good intentions…

Needless to say, nobody is 100 % so you will have to look at them relatively…

If theoretically this happens all over the country, you will have decent people sitting in the parliament, congress, senate or whatever the representative body is called in your country…

BTW, I refuse to accept that decent people cannot be good in governance also…

Don’t you think decent people (belonging to whichever party they belong to) will try their best to do things which are good for the country, for its poor people, for the needy, for its future, for it to become Economically, socially and morally strong…….i think they will….

I know that this write up will generate lot of skepticism initially, but may be……just may be even if we get majority of decent people in, it will start making a difference….

Well that was my thought, share yours….and if you like this thought, please share with others as well….

Till next time, NZOY..!!!

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