Women’s right, who needs it who gets it.

These days where ever you look, read, tune into TV channel, attend a seminar on anything even remotely related to the women…..one omni-present thing is some variation of the following “women are the weaker section, they suffer all the time, men rule women, women have no say in anything….etc. etc. and etc.”….

As chance could have it I go so much exposed to “poor” women radiation that it forced me to think….

I am sharing my thoughts with you…..please you also think (does not matter if you are a man or a woman)….and reach your own conclusions…And yes, read till the end, please don’t get emotional, keep your ego aside and read with your rational hat on…..

I started by looking around me, my family, my relatives, my friends, the social circle I move in (essentially middle class people) and I did not find many examples of “poor women” as described in the media. I got completely confused….on one side my intuition was telling me that women do need support but I was not able to find that women….

And then suddenly it popped…..

The seminars, discussions, debates etc. are happening in the big cities, amongst middle to upper class women, among elite women of the country (financial, education, career wise elites) but they are not that much of the sufferers….However, due to this massive pressure getting generated they are getting the benefits…..

As they say which kid cries more mothers tends to give more milk to that child….. (well not exactly but you get the drift)….

Then who are those “weak, poor women”? I thought and finally I think I got the answer, fundamentally because I grew up in very small cities and got a chance to see the rural India…

They are the ones who live in rural areas, in the part of India which is very poor, dependent on agriculture for their survival….and trust me, it is a huge part of India…they are uneducated, unskilled, live in a social milieu which is very old fashioned, old thinking, traditional to the extent of being almost idiotic, where men rule the house with a stick etc. etc. They are the ones who need all the help, reservations, externally given power, economical crutches…

And who gets benefited with all the rhetoric being generated in all the media (and we have tons of it these days including the latest cousin….social media)….the ones who already have it….

The kid who has the wherewithal to cry gets the milk and the kid who doesn’t know how to make its cry heard, doesn’t…….

Are you as unsatisfied as I am…..And yes, before I end, read the same article again, only replace women by people of reserved category….….!!!

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